Friday, September 29, 2006

Newstalk State-wide Radio , 106-108FM.
It began as a Dublin-only talk radio station in 2002 , and has , from today (Friday 29 Setember 2006) commenced broadcasting to the 26 Counties .
Its transmission may 'leak' into the Six Counties ,but it apparently has no licence to broadcast to that part of this island . The operators of this blog were avid listeners from day one but we hardly ever tune in now . The reason ? A few months ago ,the powers that be in Newstalk management decreed that its '086' text number was to be replaced with a '53***' number , at a charge of 30 cent to the texter - a charge payable whether your text is read out or not , although that , to us , is not the point . The listeners were not asked their opinion on an issue which was going to effect them financially - the change was simply implemented overnight .

John from this parish (who incidentally had been invited into the Newstalk studios on two occasions to discuss political developments , and accepted the invites on both occasions) sent an e-mail of complaint to the station management and its presenters within hours of its 'text charge' policy change-over, and same was read on air by Eamonn Dunphy and Sean Moncrieff : Dunphy agreed with the sentiments expressed while Moncrieff sneered at those sentiments and attempted to make light of the issue . Perhaps Mr. Moncrieff can afford 30 cent a text , but not everyone can .

Today , Newstalk Radio 'unveiled' some new slogans - " Your Opinions , Your Call " , " Radio By The People , For The People " , " Interactive Radio - Your Call" and other such like , in a similar vein . Against his better judgement , John sent in two texts (one to Orla Barry and the other to Brenda Power) asking will there be any change regarding the 30 cent text charge in order to attempt to encourage potential new listeners to "interact" with the 'new' station . Neither text was read out , nor did John receive a reply from anyone at Newstalk in connection with his query . Our little boycott continues , only now it has the chance to become a 'bigger' boycott .