Thursday, September 07, 2006

Two failed , useless but wealthy politicians announced their decision to resign as party leaders today . Speculation continues that both of those political careerists were 'leaned on' by other careerists in their respective organisations to move on : 'new' failed and useless politicians wish to further enrich themselves in that particular trough .

Blair had the opportunity to make final amends for the damage he and his type have caused on this isle : his political majority in Westminster was more than enough to allow him to steer his party towards accepting the necessity to withdraw politically and militarily from Ireland , but the man lacked the courage to do so .

Harney , a Galway woman , left the west after it 'woke' and she herself stayed firmly asleep in relation to the Six County issue . She was the first woman to become auditor of TCD's 'Historical Society' , but must have slept her way through the modules which referred to Britains political interference on this isle . She will be replaced by another PD pro-'Establishment' clone , with the blessing of the 'Establishment' , and will then retire to the back-benches in Leinster House , where she will be able to sleep to her hearts content .
A disturbing feature of her press conference today was the fact that , at the end of same , the assembled media representatives rose to their feet and gave her a standing ovation . Sickening .

" High hopes were once formed of democracy ; but democracy means simply the bludgeoning of the people by the people for the people . " - Oscar Wilde .