Saturday, October 21, 2006

100,000 hits . And Counting..... : Go raibh maith agat !
While we are aware that there are other blogs out there with a 'fatter' hitcounter , some of which have probably not been around as 'long' as we have (since 2002) , we are nonetheless delighted with the performance of our own wee 'spot' on the Irish blogosphere !
The one constant we have adhered to over the four years of this blog is our political point of view - Republicanism , as we understand it to be .
The position of this blog has , perhaps , best being summed-up by John from this parish at many a Republican rally / function / protest : " It was never a case of saying to the British - 'Stay if you want , just treat us better' " .
Our political position continues to be one in which we demand a complete British military and political withdrawal from this island . And our stat-counter proves that we are not alone in that demand ...

Once again - Thank You !
Sharon .