Sunday, October 22, 2006

At the time of writing , we have heard early radio reports of Bertie Ahern's speech to his fellow constitutionalists in Bodenstown , at the grave of Wolfe Tone . Apparently , Mr Ahern applauded the position that more discussion is taking place now in connection with what he terms 'Northern Ireland' than in any other period in recent history . To Bertie Ahern and his likes , that represents 'progress' .
Last year at that same spot ,Bertie '(monied)Friends-in-low-places' Ahern stated that "...violence has no place in securing Irish unity..." , ignoring completely the part that violence , unfortunately , played in 'securing Irish dis-unity' and , in doing so , mentally dis-owning those members of his own party who had used violence in an attempt to secure Irish unity . He also stated that " Fianna Fail holds that unity cannot be built on the divisions and fury of ages...." , yet he is far too quick to place responsibility for the 'divisions and fury of ages' at the feet of Irish Republicans , and never where it belongs - Westminster .
Also , at that sacred spot last year , Bertie Ahern stated - " We oppose all efforts to impose unity through violence or the threat of violence...." : this island was partitioned 'through violence and the threat of violence' , as Mr Ahern well knows , yet that fact will never be raised by any Fianna Fail representative in their many 'discussions' with Westminster - such talk will only be directed against those opposed to the continuing military and political partition of this country .
Maintain the border , Bertie , as your type have done in the past and will continue to do in the future , as instructed by Westminster . . But do not do so from the grave of Wolfe Tone , whose objective was " break the connection with England .. " . Now , Mr Ahern - get back to the machinations of your greasy till ....