Monday, October 30, 2006


.......we received the following today , Monday 30 October 2006 :
" Hey dude could you please remove the bit of news about my dad as he wasn't a loyalist and he was apparently murdered cos the UVF wanted his mates legally held gun : " ' 19th April : Francis Galbraith (29) was shot by loyalists near the Sydenham by-pass , close to his parents home in east Belfast . A nephew of loyalist supergrass Joseph Bennett , Mr. Galbraith was apparently killed in an internal loyalist dispute over weapons . He leaves four children .' " Thanks."
The above is in reference to a piece we published here on March 8 , 2005 , which we came across in 'MAGILL' magazine , July 1989 .
That killing is also covered here and here .
We hope this post goes some way to clearing up the matter .
Sharon .