Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fianna Fail : pictured as they are now , and have been for most of their existence - a political mafia .....
..... but , at one stage , some of their confused members still considered themselves somewhat 'republican' :
On the 16th of February in 1954 (a Tuesday , if memory serves...) , British Lieutenant-General 'Sir' John Woodall was 'entertained' in the Curragh Free State Army Barracks by the Free State Administration - 'Sir' Woodall was given a grand tour of various Free State Army barracks , and was dressed in full British Army regalia as he was followed around by State lackys . He was driven on his 'tour' in a British Army staff car .
Fianna Fail were in power at the time , and the 'Roger Casement Cumann' of that party , based in Kimmage , in Dublin , resigned because of Woodall's visit : in a statement , that Fianna Fail Cumann stated - " The invitation to and entertainment of General Woodall , Chief of the British military forces occupying portion of our national territory , by the Fianna Fail leadership , left us no option but to resign from the Fianna Fail organisation . "
'Sir' Woodall was the then General Officer Commanding the British Army of Occupation at its HQ at Thiepval Barracks , Lisburn , County Antrim .
The issue of "...British military forces occupying portion of our national territory.. " is a taboo issue as far as the political careerists in Leinster House are concerned - it may very well be revived from the back-burner and dusted off now and again but overall it is an embarrassing issue for them , as it reminds them of a time when those that went before them at least put some type of a weak-hearted effort into occasionally reminding those listening that this isle is not completely free of British interference .
That message still goes out today , but not from those in Leinster House . Those sleezebags are soley concerned with enriching themselves financially and will happily , and just as quickly , fleece each other as well as the taxpayer . Their moral compass is buried in their bankbook . They will , no doubt , die rich and comfortable . And , we hope , roaring.......