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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Blaming the oppressed for the 'violence' .....

In an interview with what used to be an Irish Republican newspaper in August 1991 , Fr. Joseph McVeigh , from Garrison in County Fermanagh , took Fr Cathal Daly to task for declaring , in January 1991 - " If there were no (P)IRA there would be no British Army checkpoints and Fergal Caraher would not have been murdered " !
The same British apologist , Daly , also stated - " If there were no (P)IRA activities in Lurgan , Gervais Lynch ('Nelson link to four murders' , here) would not have been killed by a loyalist death squad ."
The 'Cock Daly' , true to form , crowed three times - " If there were no (P)IRA activities in Fermanagh there would be no roads closed." ! A trusted member of the 'Establishment' , ever eager to prove his worth to them . We now have 'wannabe' trusted members of the 'Establishment' who describe those who continue to fight against British interference in Irish affairs as "...micro groups.....with no mandate from the people......" , much the same as they themselves were once described ! They are in fitting company - treacherous snakeoil salespeople , prepared to turn their backs on their own oft-stated beliefs for the opportunity of an 'Establishment'-nursed career . Irish Republicans have lived through over 800 years of morally-weak and opportunistic people like those , and have always managed to survive them . These days are no different.......