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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

There is substantial evidence that a major crime was perpetrated within the Garda Siochana five years ago .
The evidence for this crime has certainly been available to senior Gardai ever since then , but no enquiry whatsoever has taken place , let alone any Garda being disciplined in connection with that crime .
By Vincent Browne and Derek Dunne .
From 'MAGILL' magazine , September 1983 .

At the sitting of the District Court at which John Fitzpatrick , Brian McNally , Nicky Kelly and Michael Plunkett were charged took place at 10.30pm and was over in a matter of minutes , there is no logistical explanation for their being kept in Garda custody overnight - the fact is that :
A) A remand into Garda custody is almost unique in the Dublin area :
B) There was no exceptional circumstances in this case which could possibly justify a remand into Garda custody :
C) In any event the remand applied for and obtained was into Garda custody , a highly unusual procedure .

There has been at no stage any official attempt to explain why the remand into Garda custody took place in this instance - no attempt either at the trial or on any other occasion . But there is a very obvious explanation and it is the following - if the prisoners were suffering from injuries received within the previous 24 hours at the hands of the Gardai , then the longer their committal to prison could be postponed the better , for no medical examination was likely to take place until then .

But there was an even more 'attractive' reason for remanding the prisoners back into Garda custody : by placing them back in the Bridewell Garda Station and by placing them two to a cell a scenario was being created whereby it would be maintained later that the injuries which they would undoubtedly be found to be suffering from , were either 'self-inflicted' or 'mutually inflicted'.......

Veteran Irish Republican , LILY MOFFATT , interviewed .
From 'IRIS' magazine , November 1982 .
By John Doyle .

" The IRA are no different today than in our time . They just have more up-to-date equipment ! " - Lily Moffatt .

Now living in Dromod , County Leitrim , at the age of 81 , life-long Irish republican Lily Moffatt (nee Freyne) is a glowing example of the full role played by women in the militant and political traditions of Irish republicanism , and an apt comparison with today's women IRA Volunteers .

Born at Aughoo , Rooskey , in County Roscommon , on March 10th , 1901 , it was no surprise that she grew up sympathetic to republicanism - " I was brought up in Fenianism , my uncle was a Fenian poet , all belonging to me were Fenian . It was all I heard at home . " Lily's first public involvement was during the election campaign in Roscommon successfully contested by Sinn Fein's Count Plunkett in 1917 , where she worked as a Sinn Fein election sub-agent on polling day .

In 1919 , Cumann na mBan was being organised in the area . Lily Moffatt was among the first to join.......

By Michael Farrell .
From 'MAGILL' magazine , June 1983 .

Jim McAllister(SF) : Seamus Mallon(SDLP) : Tom Moore(WP) : Jim Nicholson(OUP) .

The old Armagh seat , which included all county Armagh , had a Unionist majority : now the mainly unionist North Armagh area has been transferred to the new seat of Upper Bann , while the nationalist Newry town area has been added on from South Down . The result is a nationalist majority of between six and ten per cent but with a single unionist candidate and a split nationalist vote the outcome is doubtful .

The SDLP took two-thirds of the nationalist vote in the Assembly elections and their candidate , Seamus Mallon , is deputy leader of the party and identified with its 'greener' wing .

The fact that he was deprived of his Assembly seat because of his membership of Seanad Eireann (sic - Free State Senate) will do him no harm but , unless he can actually win votes from Sinn Fein , the Official Unionist candidate , Jim Nicholson , is likely to take the seat .

Assembly Election 1982 :
(First Preferences) All Unionists , 33,318 , four seats : SDLP , 15,630 , two seats : Sinn Fein , 8,224 , one seat : Workers' Party 2,806 : Alliance 1,806 .
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