Friday, January 05, 2007

.......we almost have our 'house' in order !
The '1169...' Crew will be back to normal 'transmission' on Monday , 8th January 2007 : we took a longer-than-usual break as we had several Republican functions , commemorations and other such-like events to attend and help organise and , as a result , blogging time was scarce . And talking about "time" and "scarce" , one man who must be wishing that this 'time' [2007] was 'scarce' is French President Jacques Chirac : in 2003 , it was reported , amongst other things , that a criminal inquiry had begun into Mr. Chirac's food bill in a previous position the man held - that of Mayor of Paris .
Reports stated that , between 1987 and 1995 , Chirac and his wife Bernadette ran up a food bill of €2 million , ordering €569-worth of food for their private apartment in the Town Hall every day for eight years ! Chirac is immune from prosecution until his term is over in 2007 . But his wife is not ...
Jacques and Bernadette should move to Ireland where they would be lauded by their own type in the 'political elite' on this isle . Indeed , maybe our Bertie could help them out with a few blank cheques.
Back Monday , January 8 next . Slán go fóill anois .