Sunday, January 28, 2007


.......some of the words used today by those who gathered in a venue in Dublin 4 known as the 'Royal Dublin Society ' to 'debate' (ie pass a motion) on how much support to give , for now , to a British 'police force' on Irish soil ! And they picked (and 'packed...!) the venue well , as those who gathered there (some of whose leaders are pictured here , after the vote...!) are members of a Leinster House-registered political party which has an association with two 'parliaments' on Irish soil which were 'established' with the consent of British 'Royals' : Leinster House and Stormont.

In reality , what happened today is seen by this blog as simply another Leinster House political party (albeit one with a faint sniff of sulphur from it!) 'playing [constitutional] ball' with its buddies and financial backers in the various 'establishments' (ie Washington , London and Dublin) and attempting to become more 'mainstream' . They continue to insist that they are 'rebels' , 'revolutionaries' and 'socialists' but , truth be told , they are, at best , trained house pets , politically and financially controlled and directed by Washington , London and Dublin . Their ranks are swollen with 'angry nationalists' who felt it safe to join them after they turned constitutional in 1986 rather than the SDLP and/or Fianna Fail , as both of those political parties had not been quick enough in obtaining 'civil rights' for them . And that, readers , is the objective of the PSF ('Please Stoop Further') party - to secure a "brighter future" under British jurisdiction for Irish citizens living in the occupied Six Counties . And , of course , all the better when they will be comfortably salaried to do so by Westminster and Leinster House !
Ní Seoiníni Sinn Go Léir!