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Saturday, January 13, 2007

The (political) blind leading the (politically) short-sighted.....

" Powersharing was the genesis of the conflict in the first place ."
- so declared Mitchel McLaughlin , Provisional Sinn Fein , speaking on 'Newstalk' radio , Dublin , just before 10 AM this morning (Saturday , 13 January 2007) .
"Powersharing" was never "...the genesis of the conflict.." on this isle as far as Irish Republicans are concerned : the British claim of jurisdiction over any part of this isle is the real "...genesis of this conflict.." regardless of what watery nationalists such as McLaughlin and his ilk claim .
As John Horan , from this blog , has stated over the years - " It was never a case of saying to the British - 'Stay if you want , just treat us better...' " The Republican position remains , as always , the demand for complete British military and political withdrawal from this isle . We have been relentless in that pursuit for over 830 years and will remain relentless in that pursuit for as long as it takes .
Finally ; our files show that , on April 20 , 1995 , Mitchel McLaughlin was quoted in his own party's newspaper , 'AP/RN' (page 6) , as stating (whilst speaking at an Easter Commemoration on Easter Sunday in New Lodge in North Belfast) - " We have confronted the monster of the British Empire and defeated it." !
McLaughlin , and those like him , would feel equally politically 'at home' in the SDLP or Fianna Fail : he is a weak-kneeded 'nationalist' , who will accept 'better treatment' in return for the 'trappings of political office'. He and his type should be avoided at all cost by true Republicans . They are a cancer on this Struggle .