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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Last Letter of Seán MacDiarmada , 11th May 1916 .

We have recently received what is to us a virtual treasure-chest of old Irish Republican literature and other similar material , which we will publish on this blog beginning , properly , on Friday 27 April 2007 : the following post contains the words of the last letter written by one of the 1916 leaders , Seán MacDiarmada :

" Kilmainham Prison
May 11th 1916 .

My Dear Daly ,

Just a wee note to bid you Goodbye. I expect in a few hours to join Tom and the other heroes in a better world . I have been sentenced to a soldiers death - to be shot tomorrow morning .
I have nothing to say about this only that I look on it as a part of the day's work . We die that the Irish nation may live . Our blood will rebaptise and reinvigorate the old land . Knowing this it is superfluous to say how happy I feel .
I know now what I have always felt , that the Irish nation can never die . Let present day place hunters condemn our action as they will , posterity will judge us aright from the effects of our action .
I know I will meet you soon , until then GoodBye . God guard and protect you and all in No. 15 . You have had a done trial , but I know quite well that Mrs. Daly and all the girls feel proud in spite of a little temporary and natural grief , that her son and the girls , their brothers as well as Tom are included in the list of honours .
Kindly remember me especially to Mrs. Clarke and tell her I am the same Seán that she always knew .

God Bless you all
As ever
Sincerely Yours

Seán MacDiarmada. "

Most of the rest of the material we received is from the late 1950's and will be published here shortly.