Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Report and photographs on Hunger-Strike Rally , 5th May 2007 , Dublin .

The RSF-organised Memorial Rally for the 22 Irish Hunger-Strikers , which was held on Saturday 5th May 2007 in Dublin's O'Connell Street , was a great success and a reminder to all that the conditions which led to those men taking that action still exist - the continuing British military and political presence on this island .

Those attending the two-hour Memorial Rally witnessed at least fifty members and supporters of the Republican Movement commemorating in a dignified manner the sacrifice made by the 22 Hunger-Strikers : over that two-hour period in Dublin's O'Connell Street , at least fifty other people joined in the Commemoration and assisted in handing out leaflets , selling the 'Saoirse' newspaper and leaving their contact details with the organisers .
Republican Sinn Fein are to be congratulated for organising this event - photographs from same are published below :

Once again , thanks to Republican Sinn Fein for putting this event together .