Tuesday, June 26, 2007


The Hill Of Tara.

From this.....

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The alleged 'Green' part of this Leinster House administration obtained their vote for the most part due to their oft-stated opposition to , amongst other political crimes mooted by their new-found colleagues in that institution ,the destructive plans for the Hill of Tara . By their inaction , future generations will condemn 'the Greens' for washing their hands of the issue in exchange for political career-building . They are indeed well-suited to Leinster House .

" To me the life of the businessman who eats his breakfast early in the morning , catches a train for the city , stays there in the dingy , dusty atmosphere of the commercial world , and goes back to his house in the evening and , after supper , to sleep , is worse than the life of the galley slave - his chains are golden instead of iron. "
- Oscar Wilde.