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From 'The United Irishman' newspaper, January 1958 .


Eamon Thomas , 30 Goldenbridge Avenue , Inchicore .
Gerald McCarthy , 43 Drimnagh Road .
Frank Delaney , 130 Benmadigan Road , Drimnagh .
Frank Morrissey , 135 South Circular Road , Dolphins Barn .
Noel Kavanagh , 141 Tritonville Road , Sandymount .
Liam Nolan , 67 Bangor Road , Crumlin .
Sean Nolan , 67 Bangor Road , Crumlin .
Dick Burke , 23 Cliftonville Road , Glasnevin .
Paul Gleeson , 446 Galtymore Road , Drimnagh .
James Hayde , 110 Carrow Road , Drimnagh .
Seán Ryan , 1 Spencer Street , South Circular Road .
Bertie Murphy , 1 Leinster Avenue , North Strand .

From 'MAGILL' magazine, June 1998.
By Vincent Browne.
('1169...' Comment : please note - the use of the term 'murder' in connection with the death of an informer is not our choice of word.)

We return once more to the murder of John Corcoran in Kerry 13 years ago . The cover up of that murder and the obvious complicity of the Gardai in that murder remain by far the greatest scandal of our public life . And yet , apart from a brief intervention by Dick Spring and a broken promise by the now State Justice Minister , John O' Donoghue, not a single public representative has sought as yet to make an issue of this .

The Gardai had a special responsibility to protect the life of John Corcoran for he too , along with Sean O'Callaghan, was an informer , giving the Gardai information about the operation of the PIRA in the Cork area . That makes the Garda complicity in the crime , or his murder , or at least in the crime of the cover up of his murder , all the more outrageous . The prime source for information on the murder of John Corcoran - the IRA informer Sean O' Callaghan - is an inveterate liar . He has directly contradicted several times his account of how John Corcoran was murdered .

But he has , perhaps unwittingly , provided enough information for us to appreciate that the Gardai bear a great responsibility for what happened.......


Provisional Sinn Fein are fighting this election as a party which has just emerged from seventy years of abstentionism. The party is banned from the airwaves and there is a strong apparent bias against the party in the press.
From 'In Dublin' magazine Election Special, 1987.
By Derek Dunne.

It was too late when Charlie Haughey's handlers noticed that Gerry Adams was making his way towards them - they could not move Haughey , who was surrounded and as good as rooted to the spot . Adams asked Haughey if he would consider voting for the local Republican candidate , and Haughey smiled : " No, I can't ..." , he answered . The irony was not lost on some of those present who remembered that Fianna Fail claim to be 'The Republican Party' .

And then Mr. Haughey wished Mr. Adams 'the best of luck anyway' as he was swept away by handlers and others . It was a great stroke , and one which Haughey himself could hardly help but appreciate . Immediately , Adams had to move on as there was another appointment - this one was with Garret FitzGerald in Dublin's Clarence Hotel. When the Provos got there , Garret was upstairs and the meeting was over : Adams waited in the lobby downstairs , as did the Gardai and the Special Branch who were much in evidence , as were journalists . Adams said he was 'happier defending the (P)IRA on the doorsteps than the record of the present government' . He was asked if it was his intention to canvass Garret FitzGerald for support for the local Republican candidate . He might , he replied , if Mr. FitzGerald ever came down .

By now , Provisional Sinn Fein supporters had gathered outside the hotel - they were young , enthusiastic and they were also waiting for Garret . Section 31 of The Broadcasting Act has banned Provisional Sinn Fein from RTE and the print media have , by and large , ignored the party . This election has been fought out mainly in the media , and the young Provisional Sinn Fein supporters perceive that Garret FitzGerald has supported part of the problem - namely Section 31 of The Broadcasting Act . Now they are waiting for FitzGerald to come out of the hotel.......