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(From the ‘e-Thursday’ section of the ‘Business Week’ supplement of the ‘Irish Independent’ , 21st August 2008.)

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Monday, July 30, 2007

From 'The United Irishman' newspaper, January 1958 .


Derek McKenna , Valencia Island .
Donald O' Shea , The Square , Kilgarvan.


Sean Edmonds , Castleconnell .
Michael Murphy .
Jimmy Devereaux .
John MacNamara .


Laurence Grogan , 21 Sunnyside Cottage , Drogheda .
William Stewart , 16 Wolfe Tone Terrace , Dundalk .
Patrick Lennon , 22 Patrick Street , Dundalk .
James Rafferty , Lower Faughart , Dundalk .
Liam Fagan , Proleek , Ravensdale .

From 'MAGILL' magazine, June 1998.
By Vincent Browne.
('1169...' Comment : please note - the use of the term 'murder' in connection with the death of an informer is not our choice of word.)

Clearly , the Gardai have no stomach for a proper investigation of this scandal . Anyway they are not and could never be the proper agency for an inquiry into themselves .

There is a proper reluctance in calling for Tribunals of Inquiry into public scandals, given the cost and feebleness of some of the previous such enquiries , but there is hardly an alternative in this instance . We have a right to know whether our police force was complicit in the murder of a fellow-citizen and we have no way of knowing that other than through a public inquiry . Let's have it .

[END of 'Public Inquiry Into Our Greatest Scandal']
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From 'Wigmore' Column , MAGILL magazine, March 1986.

In the late 1950's , a man called John Dunster was Chief Physicist at Windscale Nuclear Power Plant. He was given to saying things like " The sea has always been regarded as the ideal place for dumping waste and this is , of course , a reasonable and proper attitude . Most of the objects which ultimately find their way to the shore are harmless and a considerable source of pleasure for children . Not the least of the attractions of the sea as a dumping ground is the lack of administrative controls ."

Mr Dunster was in charge of overseeing the discharges into the Irish Sea from Windscale at a time when those discharges were deliberately kept higher than they needed to be , just to see what would happen.......