Thursday, August 02, 2007

BY JOVE ! It's just not cricket... ex-student-prince type , who would like to consider himself as 'The Rt Hon Christopher Smooth, Minister for Public Concern' attempted , on Monday 30 July last , to dismiss this blog as having "monocular vision" because we "reveal the horrors British imperialists impose..." .

'Lord Smooth' stated - "...1169 and Counting seem unrelentingly to use "Protestant" as a pejorative..." which , as regular readers will know , is not the case ( in actual fact , we hold all religions in equal contempt !) . We have , however , employed the sicut '(sic)' when , in our opinion , the unwarranted use of the term 'Catholic' or 'Protestant' was used in a piece we were quoting from , and , on this occasion ,it is this which has confused 'Lord Smooth' ie he stated that , on the occasion he referred too , we only used the term '(sic)' because 'it was in the original [article]...' : it wasn't . We ourselves put it there because the article in question referred to a certain political organisation which was beginning , in the opinion as stated in the article , to obtain "... a small but growing new Protestant membership..." - we inserted the term '(sic)' after the particular religion mentioned ; it was not in the original article , as 'Lord Smooth' stated , as can be verified from this photograph (left-click to enlarge : the sentence in question is the last one in the marked paragraph) -

Our wannabe-adversary (who assured us that he "...featured in the columns of "Trinity News", the student weekly of Trinity College, Dublin, in the early 1960s..."!) based his other 'reasons' for dismissing this blog on a similar platform ie on that which we never wrote and/or by deliberately misrepresenting our intentions . We get this quite a lot and usually sort it out with a reply (or two...!) to the 'Comment' section/Guestbook of the site in question but , in this instance , we thought it best to publicise the lengths some people will go to in their attempt to discredit , not only this blog , but that which this blog stands for : the Irish Republican position in relation to the on-going occupation of a part of this isle by those political and military forces controlled by Westminster . Even if , in doing so , we offend the likes of 'Lord Smooth' .

Finally , we have refrained from providing a link to the royal territory occupied by the good 'Lord' , as we have no desire to foist his irritating 'marble-in-mouth' prose on our good readers . For that , you owe us big......;-)