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From 'The United Irishman' newspaper, January 1958 .


Patrick McLogan , Main Street , Portlaoise .
John O' Donovan , Clonminan , Abbeyleix Road , Portlaoise .
Thomas Lynam , 63 Marian Place , Portlaoise .
Seán O'Donovan , 82 Marian Place , Portlaoise .


Ruaidhri Ó Brádaígh TD, Battery Road , Longford.


Patrick McGirl , Camber , Carrigallen .


From the 'Wigmore' Column , MAGILL magazine, June 1998 .

On the day before the referendum on the Stormont Agreement, 'The Newsletter' newspaper published an eight-page advertising section for the Ulster Unionist Party (sic) , the purpose of which was to assure unionists that the Stormont Agreement favoured unionists rather than republicans . In support of this contention , the centre page spread of the ad section was headed - ' This is a bad deal for republicans' .

In its support it quoted Ruairi Ó Brádaigh, Bernadette Sands, Robert Ballagh, the IRSP, 'The Anderstown News' newspaper and 'The Sunday Tribune' newspaper.

Two sources were quoted twice : Mitchell McLaughlin, chairperson of Provisional Sinn Fein , and 'The Sunday Business Post' newspaper: the latter stated - ' This is no deal for nationalist Ireland . It is likely to copperfasten partition on this island for many years to come , perhaps for decades . This year , 1998 , is the 200th anniversary of the 1798 rebellion. Ironically , it is also the year which will witness the greatest erosion of Irish sovereignty since the Act of Union was passed....... '


From 'Wigmore' Column , MAGILL magazine, March 1986.

John Dunster , the then Chief Physicist at Windscale , stated - " The intention has been to discharge very substantial amounts of radioactivity as part of an organised and deliberate scientific experiment , the aims of which would have been defeated if the level of radioactivity had been kept to a minimum . "

Mr.Dunster no longer works at the Windscale nuclear plant - he is now 'Director of the UK National Radiological Protection Board', the 'independent watchdog' body which is charged with protecting the public from radiation hazards . We can all sleep a little bit sounder for knowing that.

(Also : in the November 1986 issue of 'Magill' magazine , it was reported that , in 1958 , John Dunster admitted to the 'Geneva Conference on Peaceful Uses of the Atom' that "...discharges from Windscale have been deliberately maintained high enough to obtain detectable activity levels in samples of fish , seaweed and shore sand , and the experiment is still proceeding . This year (1958) the rate of discharge of radioactivity was deliberately increased partly to dispose of unwanted waste but principally to yield better experimental data ." It is those with similar 'short-term-benefit' attitudes that the current 'powers-that-be' in this State have put in charge of the Tara motorway and Shell projects , not to mention the so-called 'health service' etc . Not only is the present generation paying for that folly , but future generations will , too . )

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