Thursday, November 01, 2007

Volunteer Paul Smith ,Bessbrook, Co. Armagh.
Volunteer George Keegan,Co. Wexford.
Volunteer Paddy Parle,Co. Wexford.
Volunteer Oliver Craven , Newry, Co. Armagh.
Michael Watters ,Co. Louth , was the owner of the cottage where the tragedy occurred in November 1957.

The Commemoration , at which Ruairí Ó Brádaigh will speak, will be held on Sunday November 4 , 2007 : those attending are asked to assemble at 'The Border Inn' at 2.30pm .
Others may attempt to Honour Ireland's Republican Dead , but not one true Irish Republican entered this Struggle to obtain a position in , and a salary and pension from , Leinster House , Stormont or Westminster . Show your support for those who oppose the sell-outs : march with us on November 4 next.