Saturday, February 23, 2008

"...and STAY DOWN , Anne.."

The anti-'royal' picket held today (Saturday 23 February 2008) by Republican Sinn Fein at the entrance to Croke Park - which Anne Windsor flew over in her helicopter - was very well received by most of the thousands of people who were in the area . Unusual (!) for a republican event , proceedings began a half hour earlier than advertised (ie 3PM rather than the advertised time of 3.30PM) due to no reason other than everybody was actually ready before time!
Between 3PM and 4.45PM , about fifty republicans took part in a noisy , colourful and successful street protest opposite Quinns Pub , near the Clonliffe Road entrance to Croke Park . The thousands of passers-by were left in no doubt about the reason for the demonstration - the presence on Irish soil of a member of the British 'royal family',Anne Windsor
(given the title 'Princess Royal' in 1987 , and tenth in line of 'succession' to the British throne) , whilst the administration , establishment and parliamentery structure which she represents continues to claim jurisdictional control - militarily enforced - over six Irish counties.
Over eight hundred leaflets were distributed , dozens of copies of the
'SAOIRSE' republican newspaper were sold and good contacts for future use were made.
It was a valuable political exercise made in pursuit of a valuable objective - that of demanding a complete British military and political withdrawal from this isle. We publish four photographs from todays event with this report , while four more can be viewed on this thread and three more here. A full report and more photographs will be published in the March 2008 issue of 'Saoirse' , which will be published on the fifth of that month .

RSF placard and the Tri-Colour...

The youth get the message...

Special Branch harassment...

RSF anti-'royal' picket , Croke Park , Saturday February 23 , 2008.