Saturday, February 16, 2008

(UPDATE:At present,the available information regarding the visit of Anne Windsor has prompted the organisers of the protest to ask those attending the picket to assemble opposite Quinns Pub , at the entrance to Clonliffe Road , at 3.30PM , on Saturday February 23 next. Any change to these arrangements will be posted here.)

Press Release/Preas Ráiteas
For release
16ú Feabhra/February 2008

British Royals not welcome in Ireland
Statement by the Vice President of Republican Sinn Féin Des Dalton

"Republican Sinn Féin will be actively protesting at the presence of a
representative of the British Crown in Croke Park on February 23. Such a
visit must be seen for what it is, part of the normalisation of British rule
in Ireland.
Anne Windsor will visit Croke Park not as a private individual but as the
representative of the British Crown. This is an institution which claims
sovereignty over six of the nine counties of Ulster, enforcing that claim
with an army of occupation.
For this reason no representative of the British Crown is welcome in any part
of Ireland."

(Details of this protest will be announced shortly....*SEE ABOVE*)

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