Sunday, March 23, 2008

The card on the RSF Wreath which was laid at the Republican Plot at Arbor Hill Cemetery in Dublin today , Easter Sunday , March 23 , 2008 .

Before travelling to Deansgrange Cemetery for the republican commemoration, a few republicans stopped-off at Arbor Hill Cemetery to lay a wreath at the Republican Plot there :

Republican Plot , Arbor Hill Cemetery .

The Republican wreath laid today by RSF at Arbor Hill Cemetery .

At Deansgrange Cemetery, which was established in 1861 and had its first burial in 1865 , there is an area marked as the 'Republican Plot' and it commemorates prisoners who died in Wandsworth Prison in 1922. James Connolly's daughter Fiona is also buried here . It was at that Plot that approximately thirty Irish Republicans gathered today , in a ceremony chaired by ex-POW Seán Ó Sé , to listen as two republican speakers , Seán Ó Bradaigh and Peig Galligan delivered resounding speeches of the history of the cemetery they were speaking in , which they linked to the history of the on-going struggle itself .

Republican Plot , Deansgrange Cemetery .

A section of those in attendance in Deansgrange Cemetery today , Easter Sunday , March 23 , 2008 .

A proper report of todays proceedings in both Arbor Hill and Deansgrange cemetery will be carried in the April issue of 'Saoirse' , which will be available from the 9th of that month.