Sunday, April 27, 2008

American soldiers in Shannon , British Navy in Dublin...

British HMS Tyne, a 'River Class Patrol Vessel' , pictured , docked in Dublin , Sunday April 27th 2008.

A reader of this blog , driving along the Dublin Quays today , noticed a small crowd gathered in the one spot , parked her car and walked over to have a look . The crowd consisted of the curious and the annoyed - the source of same was the HMS Tyne , a British Navy ship which was built in Woolston Docks, Southampton and which is normally based at HM Naval Base Portsmouth.
The ship , which our reader suspects might be in for repairs , is heavily guarded on Sir John Rogerson's Quay -
armed Irish Special Branch on the quayside and armed 'Royal' Marine's on board , and is flying the 'Union Jack' flag in front , over one of its machine guns. One of the 'Royal' Marine guards , eager to impress a local lass
(!) said he hoped to meet our reader later on tonight in the Temple Bar area , where "...they kicked up a storm last night.."
She told him to hold his breath and passed-on her wishes that he get a good night's sleep...

The 'Tyne' is a ship with a bloody past and one which its crew has been awarded a 'Freedom Award' which they described as "... one of the highest awards that can be bestowed upon a ship of the Fleet. It is a privilege which in days of old formed a contract between the military and the civil authorities of a city or borough such that in exchange for protection the military unit would be able to march freely through the place, bearing arms and flying their colours..."
So , if you're out and about in Temple Bar or another night-spot in Dublin tonight , keep an eye out for those 'colours' , won't you.....

A few more photographs from today :

The HMS Tyne docked in Dublin , guarded by armed 'Royal' Marines and armed Irish Special Branch members.

A fully-armed British Navy ship in Dublin ,Sunday 27th April 2008 .

....and , if you can't make it to Temple Bar tonight , the ship's crew expect to be out 'socialising' Monday and Tuesday nights as well - a 'British Bulldog' told our 'little Bird' that they 'up anchor' on Wednesday morning...