Friday, June 13, 2008


"There is no country in the world so much in need of unpractical people as this country of ours. With us, 'thought' is degraded by its constant association with practice. We live in the age of the overworked , and the under-educated ; the age in which people are so industrious that they become absolutely stupid..."
(Oscar Wilde)

Of those that voted , 53.04 per cent voted 'NO' whereas 46.96 per cent voted 'YES' . The Lisbon Constitution/Treaty has , rightly , been shot down!
Those that Brussels and Leinster House considered to be
"absolutely stupid" have , this time , somehow found the courage to say enough is enough ! The well-suited , well-manicured , over-paid , spoilt and non-productive political leeches in Brussels and Leinster House that depend on working people to maintain that lifestyle for them have , this time, been given the finger by those they have forced to be " overworked " and "under-educated". Irish Republicans played their part in securing this victory for common sense - tens of thousands of 'VOTE NO!' leaflets and posters were used by republican activists , public meetings were held ,internet marketing and bulk text messaging was used and , in some areas , cars were laid-on to take supporters to the polling station , and back. Please excuse this wee blog for being rude , but it feels absolutely fantastic to be able to shout 'UP YOURS!' to those bastardised political wasters who will now have to 'fight' that little bit harder to secure a soft political position for themselves with their masters in Brussels. May all you perma-tanned , useless political free-loaders die roaring , and may this political result be the beginning of your downfall. You are a 'luxury' that we cannot afford , living a lifestyle that we cannot afford to support . Hopefully , this is a first step in telling you to f**k off and earn your own keep. And we sincerely hope that those you attempted to prostitute yourself , and us , to , in Brussels , give you at the very least a good slapping around for letting them down! It's party time.... ;-)