Saturday, June 28, 2008

UPDATE : two more photographs , three more POW facts -

1)The Republican prisoners in Maghaberry Jail are locked into their cells for between 21 and 23 hours per day.

2)They are strip-searched constantly - one POW received 1,135 'rubdown searches' and 31 strip searches in a six month period.

3) They are made to chose between daily exercise and education. The right of the prisoners to organise their own education , handcraft , Irish language and history classed etc is denied them. Prison craft they have made is either destroyed or confiscated by prison staff. More information and contact details here.

Burning the Butchers Apron outside the British Embassy in Dublin , Saturday 28 June 2008.

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Republican protestors outside the British Embassy in Dublin , Saturday 28 June 2008.

Between 12.45pm and about 2.30pm today , Saturday 28 June 2008 , approximately 50 Irish republican protestors held a noisy , colourful and peaceful picket outside the British Embassy in Merrion Road , Dublin . The protest was held to highlight the fact that Republican prisoners are again being criminalised by the British Government and in support of the five demands made by the prisoners themselves -

1) Right to free association
2) End to controlled movement
3) Right to full-time education
4) Separate visiting facility
5) Right to organise their own landings.

The protestors were closely monitored by four Special Branch men and seven uniformed Garda , as well as having at least four CCTV cameras , controlled by Embassy staff within the building , trained on their every move. Leaflets were handed out to members of the public in the vicinity and countless car drivers sounded their horns in support as they slowed down to take a look.

Leaflets distributed by republican protestors outside the British Embassy in Dublin.

A 'Union Jack'/Butchers Apron flag was burned by the republicans in the closing minutes of the protest , an act which drew a sustained round of applause from the protestors and passers-by , and illicted much sounding of car-horns from the many vehicles in the area at the time! A 'running commentary' was sustained by Josephine Hayden for almost the entire length of the protest , and main speeches were delivered by Des Dalton and Richard Walsh. The organisers were more than pleased with how the event went , and those present - with the notable exception of the State security teams - were thanked for their presence. A full report and more pics will be published in the July 2008 issue of Saoirse, which will be available on Wednesday the 2nd of that month.

Richard Walsh (left) and Padraig from Blanch!

Josephine Hayden and Des Dalton.

Butchers Apron - going.....



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