Thursday, June 05, 2008

REPORT on the ballad session here...

UPDATE on the items on offer at the ballad session -

Two of the seven items which will be raffled and/or auctioned (5 prizes plus 2 items for auction) at the ballad session in Dublin on Saturday June 7th next. The items include two framed 1916 Proclamations , one Bobby Sands Memorial Candle , one Irish republican T-shirt and one bottle of booze!
UPDATE : the 'Bobby Sands Memorial Candle' , which will be auctioned on the night , is actually a set of three candles....

...on which an offer of €100 (as with the Celtic bodhron) has already been made to the organisers . Of course that offer is open to improvement on the night !
And this is the bottle of booze which will be won on the night in the raffle , as will four other items : 1 bodhron , 2 framed 1916 Proclamations and 1 Republican t-shirt.... , if you're outbid for the Celtic bodhron and/or the Bobby Sands Memorial Candle set , you might win a free bottle of booze to drown your sorrows!