Saturday, August 09, 2008

Eamonn Ceannt:1881-1916.

"I shall die, like a man, for Ireland's sake."
-note written by Éamonn Ceannt to his wife, May 7th, 1916 , the day before he was executed by the British .

Éamonn Ceannt was an uileann piper, a member of the IRB Military Council and a signatory of the 1916 Proclamation. He was stationed in the South Dublin Union during the Rising of 1916. As a member of the Provisional Government he was executed by the British Army in Kilmainham Gaol on May 8th 1916.
A Republican Commemoration to honour Éamonn Ceannt will be held in the Crumlin area of Dublin , in a 42-acre park named after the man, on Sunday August 17th 2008. Those attending are asked to assemble at 'Superquinn' on the Sundrive Road at 12.45PM.

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