Tuesday, November 25, 2008


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On Wednesday, November 12, 2008 , an Irishman was killed in Afghanistan : Robert McKibben (32), from Westport in County Mayo , died wearing the uniform of the British Army . He joined the Royal Marines at 27 and trained as a commando before joining J Company 42 Commando based in Plymouth. Marine McKibben, known to most on his unit as 'Frank', was serving on Operation HERRICK 9 with the Brigade Reconnaissance Force (BRF), 'United Kingdom Landing Force Command Support Group', as a reconnaissance operator. He was buried yesterday (Monday 24 November 2008) in Aughavale Cemetary in Westport and six uniformed British Army Marines carried his coffin – draped in a Royal Marines flag . That particular group of savage bandits has a bloody track record on this isle , which they attempt to pass-off as 'a jolly-good caper' on behalf of the 'empire'. It is nothing of the sort , as we Irish , amongst other peoples, are all too aware : that British Army Unit , and its members , represent the same 'tradition' as Cromwell did and should be seen as representing that 'Thug Tradition' .

The British political leadership themselves are , as expected , being extremely hypocritical regarding the deaths of 'their boys' :
'Two weeks ago, it was revealed that a British commander with the elite Special Air Service (SAS) had resigned, blaming the failure to provide his troops with heavy armoured vehicles for the deaths of some of his soldiers. Major Sebastian Morley, commander of SAS (Special Air Service) troops in Afghanistan, had "resigned in disgust"....'
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They'll tell you it's 'your duty' , that you owe it to those that have gone before you , that it's for 'justice and world peace' ....or even that it's "for the freedom of small nations" : and some Irish people apparently still consider that to be the case. In doing so , they ignore not only their own history but that of 'The Great British Empire' as well . More fool they.


....is NOT our flag . Let's not make it so.

Robert McKibben died representing a foreign army of occupation . He is not the first Irishman to have that wrote about him and probably won't be the last : voices like ours on this blog are in the minority in highlighting that fact and , while we understand the grief his family are going through , we can only hope - sincerly - that his death may at least give others a reason to think twice before they go off , fully armed and kitted-out in an occupiers uniform , to foreign climes to 'keep the peace between the natives' .