Tuesday, November 18, 2008



Today , Tuesday 18th November 2008 , is , yet again , another "Historic Day" in the troubled annals of this wee island : the usurpers in Westminster have decreed that their newish-found rebel pets in the 'Province' can be trusted to have a bigger input into how the Occupied Six Counties is 'policed' . However , the trained pets will be keeping a close eye on the Provisionals , on behalf of Westminster , to make sure that Gerry , Martin and the rest of the Muppets don't lose the run of themselves and forget that it is in fact British 'law' that they are being 'allowed' to implement!

And this is being presented as a 'Victory' : an "Historic Day" for us Irish - when in actual fact what it is is a step further on the 'Normalisation' Road , aided and abetted , yet again, by the usual anti-republican elements in Leinster House and Westminster .
Irish Republicans will not be 'celebrating' today , nor did we celebrate on any of the previous days when similar 'historic' announcements were made : we will , however, truly celebrate when the day comes that Westminster announces her intention to finally
fully withdraw , politically and militarily , from this island . Until then, we hope the muppets enjoy their false dawn.....