Saturday, November 01, 2008

Sinn Féin Poblachtach 104ú Ard Fheis 2008.

This blog would like to extend congratulations to the Republican Sinn Fein organisation on its 104th Ard Fheis , which will be held on the weekend of Saturday 8th November and Sunday 9th November 2008, in a Dublin venue , which is itself celebrating 163 years in business: as we ourselves know , from past experience, a virulent gauntlet of those representing this corrupt Statelet has to be breached - quite forcibly , on occasion - by not only those attending the event , but also by those entering the venue (hotel) on unrelated business . And this year will , no doubt , be the same in that regard as any of the 103 such gatherings which precede it , and will , no doubt , completely fail to deter the Republicans gathered there from doing the same next year !

The system of partition government in Ireland has been maintained since 1922, and since 1973 under the growing influence of the EU. It is an inescapable fact, on the supreme test of results, that this system has failed. It is time to think of radical change.
It is that radical change which the State goons , and those that pay them , fear so much...
Ni seoinini sinn go leir!