Saturday, February 23, 2008

"...and STAY DOWN , Anne.."

The anti-'royal' picket held today (Saturday 23 February 2008) by Republican Sinn Fein at the entrance to Croke Park - which Anne Windsor flew over in her helicopter - was very well received by most of the thousands of people who were in the area . Unusual (!) for a republican event , proceedings began a half hour earlier than advertised (ie 3PM rather than the advertised time of 3.30PM) due to no reason other than everybody was actually ready before time!
Between 3PM and 4.45PM , about fifty republicans took part in a noisy , colourful and successful street protest opposite Quinns Pub , near the Clonliffe Road entrance to Croke Park . The thousands of passers-by were left in no doubt about the reason for the demonstration - the presence on Irish soil of a member of the British 'royal family',Anne Windsor
(given the title 'Princess Royal' in 1987 , and tenth in line of 'succession' to the British throne) , whilst the administration , establishment and parliamentery structure which she represents continues to claim jurisdictional control - militarily enforced - over six Irish counties.
Over eight hundred leaflets were distributed , dozens of copies of the
'SAOIRSE' republican newspaper were sold and good contacts for future use were made.
It was a valuable political exercise made in pursuit of a valuable objective - that of demanding a complete British military and political withdrawal from this isle. We publish four photographs from todays event with this report , while four more can be viewed on this thread and three more here. A full report and more photographs will be published in the March 2008 issue of 'Saoirse' , which will be published on the fifth of that month .

RSF placard and the Tri-Colour...

The youth get the message...

Special Branch harassment...

RSF anti-'royal' picket , Croke Park , Saturday February 23 , 2008.


Thursday, February 21, 2008


Anne Windsor was the Colonel-in-Chief of the Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment of the British Crown Forces (29th/45th Foot) until it became the 2nd Battalion of the Mercian Regiment (Worcesters and Foresters) last August. In 1916, the 178 (Forester) Brigade was sent to Dublin in an attempt to suppress the Easter Rising. The same women is presently associated with British political and military imperialism by virtue of the following positions which she holds :
* Colonel-in-Chief, The King’s Royal Hussars
* Colonel-in-Chief, The Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment (29/45 Foot)
* Colonel-in-Chief, The Royal Corps of Signals
* Colonel-in-Chief, The Royal Logistic Corps
* Colonel-in-Chief, The Royal Army Veterinary Corps
* Commandant-in-Chief, The First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (Princess Royal’s Volunteer Corps)
* Colonel, The Blues and Royals
* Royal Colonel, The Royal Scots Borderers, 1st Battalion Royal Regiment of Scotland
* Royal Colonel, The 52nd Lowland Regiment, 6th Battalion Royal Regiment of Scotland
* Rear Admiral and Chief Commandant for women, Royal Navy
* Honorary Air Commodore, RAF Lyneham
* Honorary Air Commodore, University of London Air Squadron
* Royal Honorary Colonel, University of London OTC
* Commodore-in-Chief, Portsmouth.

Join Republicans in opposing the presence of Anne Windsor.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

(For details on the Anne Windsor protest to be held in Dublin on Saturday February 23rd next , click here.)


At a press briefing on May 3rd, 1983, Bishop Cathal Daly declared that a vote for Sinn Fein was 'a wasted vote' , and that people should think seriously before risking being seen as 'supporting violence' . As polling day approached , the rising crescendo of calls from Bishop Daly and other members of the Catholic hierarchy became increasingly explicit in their support for the SDLP. Against the background of this intervention into the arena of nationalist party politics , Patricia Collins sketches the role played by the leadership of the Catholic Church over the past fourteen years against nationalist resistance .
From 'IRIS' magazine , July 1983.

Political double standards are wearing thin in the harsh lights of West Belfast , and the Catholic hierarchy's refusal to back the hunger-strikers in 1981 is not easy to forget . These outbursts do more to reveal the hierarchy's real fear of the Republican Movement's political progress , than to sway nationalist voters away from supporting Sinn Fein .

Years of intense political struggle have caused a considerable degree of disaffection with the Catholic hierarchy : it will take more than moral sermons to change that .


From 'IRIS' magazine , July/August 1982.

On conditions in the Ballymurphy area since 1954 , Anne Stone said : " It was a slum until they started doing these repairs recently . It was just used as a transit camp . Right enough , there was mass unemployment and the people sort of lost hope . In some ways Ballymurphy has improved since then . We're proud of Ballymurphy . Since the early days we've had every chance to leave it but there's no way we would leave . What I like about Ballymurphy is that it's still part , in some ways , of 'old Belfast' - the people all cling together .

For instance , say someone dies in a middle-class place no-one worries about them , but if someone dies here there would be someone round collecting for their family , and letters of sympathy . "
However , in other ways, say the Stones , community spirit has suffered , in particular because of 'the feuds' between republicans and the 'Sticks'.

" I'd like more amenities for the young people , " says Anne Stone , " especially those born since this outbreak of 'the troubles' began . Now , our youngest girl's fourteen , and from 1971 she's been dragged out of her bed thousands of times wrapped only in a blanket , even when she was dying of 'flu on one occasion . These children have seen nothing else , only Brits and RUC coming and dragging them out of their beds during early morning raids ."


Between December 1983 and May 1987 , over 25 republican or nationalist funerals were systematically attacked by the RUC as a matter of deliberate British policy . The objective was to drive mourners off the streets so that later Britain could claim dwindling support for republicanism as 'evidenced' by the small numbers attending IRA funerals . As Jane Plunkett reports , the opposite happened . More and more people came out to defend the remains of republican dead , the RUC were exposed as being as brutal and sectarian as ever , and these two factors , combined with damaging international news coverage , eventually forced the British government to reverse its policy of attacking republican funerals .
From 'IRIS' magazine , October 1987.

The RUC and the British Army had doubled their numbers to prevent Larry Marley (video link here) being buried . It took seven hours of determined resistance , including sporadic fierce fighting , before Larry Marley was at last laid to rest . Several times in North Belfast , the RUC attempted to close in around the hearse , but they were held back by rows of resolute men and women with arms linked . At the bottom of the Falls Road , almost two thousand people waited for several hours for the cortege , while others congregated elsewhere .

The London 'Guardian' newspaper reported that it was - "...the biggest display of republican support since the hunger-strikes . In scenes reminiscent of the mid-1970's , old women shook their fists at British soldiers leading a column of 35 Land Rovers at the front of the funeral procession up the Falls Road . Patients at the Royal Victoria Hospital came out into the streets in their dressing gowns and slippers to give support..." The world's press watched events in Belfast , incredulously . Television pictures of armed RUC men attacking mourners , Soweto-style, flashed round the world .

At last , the Irish 'establishment' spoke : the attacks on the funeral and on the mourners were "...counter-productive.." , said Dungannon priest Fr. Denis Faul, and he was echoed by the SDLP's John Hume and Seamus Mallon. 'Counter-productive' , that is , to their efforts to persuade nationalists to accept this Irish-based British 'police force' . ('1169...' Comment : ...and weak-kneeded nationalists are still calling for that!) They all failed to straightforwardly denounce the RUC . Ignoring the Marley family who, at a press conference, laid the blame on the RUC , Bishop Cahal Daly - balancing on a self-imposed 'fence' - accused both the (P)IRA and the RUC of "...intrusion into a family's grief.." Then a top UVF loyalist was shot dead by the (P)IRA.......