Saturday, April 11, 2009


“RIC Head Constable Peter Burke and his brother, Sgt Michael Burke are attacked by the IRA in a public house (Mrs Smith’s three miles outside Balbriggan, Co. Dublin) . In retaliation, the Auxiliaries carry out reprisals in Balbriggan killing two suspected IRA men…”
(From here.)

An RSF-organised Easter wreath-laying ceremony was held today (Saturday 11th April 2009) on the bridge in Balbriggan , County Dublin , in memory of Séamus Lawless and Séan Gibbons : about forty republicans gathered on both sides of the bridge to take part in and watch the proceedings , which were chaired by Andy Connolly , Dublin RSF , who mentioned , amongst other things , that the men and women who decided to take on the might of the (then) ‘British empire’ did not do so in order that a British-sponsored Administration , staffed and maintained by Irish gombeens , should be established .

Ten Special Branch men were present throughout the proceedings , but their presence did not deter the Republicans from holding a dignified Commemoration , of which we publish four pictures from with this post.
A full report will be published in the May 2009 issue of ‘Saoirse’ , which will be published on April 29 next.