Friday, May 29, 2009


A Provisional Sinn Féin 'recruitment leaflet (!)' on view in Dublin , under one of their election posters...

We have already mentioned receipt of photographs of these posters , and now we have recived more of the same - from Irish Republicans in Dublin , Waterford and Kerry , so far.
Of course , it's not only the Provisional Sinn Féin party that has called on Irish people to collaborate with the British presence - Leinster House , Stormont and Westminster are full of like-minded political toads - but the Provos deserve special mention as they continually attempt to sell themselves as 'the radical republican alternative' compared with the politically jaded inmates of the above-mentioned institutions . I believe they quitely recognise that they , too , are a politically jaded and spent force , certainly where republicanism is concerned , anyway , but what the heck - parliamentarism pays better than 'paramilitarism' , and offers the opportunity to mix with 'other' world leaders! !

Now - about those photo's we received -

"Informers Wanted : apply to your local PSF rep or any cop shop..."

Like all 'good' informers , you can get two for the price of one...

The pathway to informing...

And then there's this photo , which we publish just 'cause we like it so much -
Well , if you can't make a living out of informing...!