Saturday, July 25, 2009


Eamonn Ceannt:1881-1916.

"I shall die, like a man, for Ireland's sake."
-note written by Eamonn Ceannt (Commander of the South Dublin Union) to his wife, May 7th, 1916 , the day before he was executed by the British .

"Eamonn Ceannt (Edmund Kent) is unfortunately one of the least well-known or recognised of the major players in the Easter Rising. He has been described as a tall man, an able commander and a dependable leader under pressure. He had a passion for Irish music, Irish language and Irish dancing. He was Commandant of the Irish Volunteers and his jobs in the Rising were to oversee the South Dublin Union and to set up stations throughout the city.
He was a founding member of the Irish Volunteers and on the Supreme Council of the IRB and was one of 12 senior figures of the rising executed in Kilmainham Gaol.
Eamonn Ceannt was an intellectual, a native of Galway, where he was born in 1881. At heart a fiery gospeller for independence, his actual manner was reserved, almost aloof. He had great enthusiasm for the cause, but outwardly it was shown to only a few. His working hours were spent as a clerk in the City Treasurer’s office while every moment of his spare time was devoted to the great ideal of independence for Ireland......."

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A Republican Commemoration to honour Eamonn Ceannt will be held in the Crumlin area of Dublin, in a 42-acre park named after the man, on Sunday 26 July 2009,at One pm . Those attending are asked to assemble at the near-by ‘Superquinn’ shop on the Sundrive Road at 12.30pm , from where the parade will march the short distance to the Ceannt Memorial Stone in the Park .
All Welcome!