Sunday, July 12, 2009


First , the "NO" leaflet : this 'NO TO LISBON TWO' leaflet (below) was put together by an RSF Cumann in Dublin Mid-West and hundreds of them have been distributed on a door-to-door basis and in pubs/clubs etc over the past two weeks by members of that Cumann. Other RSF organisations in Dublin and throughout the State will be distributing similar leaflets between now and October next -

The "YES" leaflets : these are new full-colour recruitment leaflets which , again , have recently been distributed by RSF members and supporters in the Dublin area : distribution will be nationwide over the coming weeks -

Both leaflets are being very well received by the public , and a positive feedback has been reported from the areas in Dublin where the leaflets have been distributed - 'YES' to RSF membership , 'NO' to Lisbon Two !