Tuesday, August 18, 2009

(UPDATE re picket on HMS Mersey : 3 hours on a Dublin Quay - 40 protestors , 14 State security operatives , a 'missing' Captain and a blocked gangplank . Details here! )

British warship 'HMS Mersey' , docked in Dublin at John Rogersons Quay and will be there untill Thursday - a Republican picket as close as possible to the ship will be held on Wednesday 19 August 2009 , beginning at One pm.

This ship , which boasts of Armaments consisting of one 20mm British Manufacturing and Research Company (BMARC) KAA Gun and two General Purpose Machine Guns also carries a complement of 30, plus a Royal Marine boarding party. It takes its military orders from the same institution (Westminster) which continues to claim jurisdiction over six Irish counties and , as such , it is not welcome.

A picket against this ship and what it represents....

...will be held as close as possible to it , on Wednesday 19th August 2009, at One pm.

All Welcome!