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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fianna Fáil cowboy 'steers' self into border bust-up....


Fianna Fail councillor Tom Allen , who supplements his cotton-pickin' income by being a cowboy on stage , as well , needed a new van recently to transport his stage gear from gig to gig. So he looked around locally - or, perhaps , one of his pardners did -but the poor folk were left disappointed. Yessiree.

So Mr Dallas decided he was a-gonna take some down time and head off to hills near and far to see what was on offer. He ended up in Armagh , a tough-talkin' town across Britains illegal and unwanted 'border' , which purports to separate one 'part' of Ireland from another. And Mr Dallas purchased a high-roofed Ford Transit van. With yellow number plates , as are sold in that part of the terrority. A journalist was made aware that this Fianna Fáil councillor's yellow-plated van was being driven around the badlands of Westmeath , bedecked in the green , white and orange Fianna Fail colours , complete with slogans - 'VOTE NO. 1 TOM ALLEN : WORKING FOR ALL OF THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME!'
The journalist contacted the Cowboy himself and asked him why he didn't buy a vehicle locally , thus helping , financially , the local economy , which Fianna Fail themselves are on record for asking the rest of us to do , to which that member of 'Fianna Fail The Republican Party' replied -
" We would have friends in high and low places in the car industry. The people want me politically and they want me musically and that's all I care about. We get it serviced here and we buy diesel here. My wife has a car she bought in Ireland. I was looking for a particular type of van with an extra high roof but I couldn't get one in Ireland so I came on this one and said 'Hallelujah! This is what I wanted'. It's just because I am a politician and there was a sign (on the van)..."

So there you have it , readers - Armagh is not in Ireland. According to that particular Fianna Fáil cowboy , anyway.

(Sourced here, just in case ya thought I was speakin' hog-wash or pullin' yer leg....)