Sunday, November 07, 2010

On Saturday 27th November 2010 , the authors of this blog will be taking part with members of Republican Sinn Féin in a trade union-organised 'anti-budget/cutbacks' protest march through Dublin city centre : we want to stress - as we have before - that we do so in support of the employed and the unemployed ,the 'abled' and the 'disabled', the 'havenots' rather than the 'haves', who are about to be forced to pay €6 billion between them to bail out the politicians and their property-speculating and big builder friends , and that our participation should not be viewed as an action in support of the trade union leadership who are , in our opinion , as morally corrupt as the politicians they claim to oppose.
We dedicate this song to those who , like ourselves, are about to be penalised , again, for the wanton greed and incompetence of the fine-suited , corrupt and perma-tanned bastards that not only caused this poverty , but are determined that others should rescue them , financially - they are beyond any attempted moral rescue.
Hopefully , an attempt will be made by the protestors to forcibly enter Leinster House and to physically destroy that institution from the inside and such an event , if/when it happens , should not stop there - the State Senate , Anglo Irish Bank
(amongst others) and the plush Offices on Merrion Street , Dublin, which we , the public, purchased for the politicians ,should all be either destroyed or converted into hostels for the homeless.
Any such action will , of course , be condemned by the politicians themselves , the union leadership , the churches , the business leaders and the mainstream media.
We can listen to their condemnation as they are being lined-up against a white-washed wall....
We will publish the details regarding the protest on this blog in the next few days.

Thanks for reading,