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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Seán Ó Sé in Glasnevin Cemetery, 1st January 2011.


Under the 'watchful' eye of six members of the 'Political Police' , contingents from Cumann na mBan and Na Fianna Éireann , accompanied by a Colour Party from Republican Sinn Féin , marched from the gates of Glasnevin Cemetery to the Republican Plot , to the grave of Dáithí Ó Conaill , where the Chairperson of the Commemoration , Andy Connolly ,from Dublin, welcomed the crowd , comprising a total of about fifty people , and mentioned that it was twenty years ago to the day that Dáithí was taken from his family and from the Republican Movement. Andy spoke for a few minutes about how he and Dáithí had worked together on various policy documents over the decades , and gave an insight into how the man could practically 'look into the future , spot the pitfalls and adjust a policy to suit...' , and of how he also used that foresight in other ways that benefitted the Movement.
Proceedings were opened when Seán Ó Brádaigh said a decade of the Rosary , as gaeilge , following which a Lament for the Dead was played on a tin whistle and, after a wreath was laid by an RSF Comhairle Laighean representative , the Chairperson called on another comrade of Dáithí's , ex-POW Seán Ó Sé , to deliver the main oration.
Seán spoke of the many years that he had travelled , with Dáithí and others, to different meetings throughout the 32 Counties , strengthing the Movement , politically and otherwise, and of the huge respect that all those they encountered on their travels had for the man , mentioning some of the obstacles they faced on the journey , and of how Dáithí always had a 'Plan B' ready to act on , when the need arose , and of how he used his sharp mind to side-step the many traps laid for them by anti-Republican elements.

Following Seán's oration , the Chairperson thanked those present for taking part in the Commemoration and asked one and all to stand for Amhrán na bhFiann , which was played on a tin whistle. Andy brought proceedings to a close by reminding those present of two other commemorations which are taking place in the next few days , and he announced that 'soup and sandwiches' had been laid-on by the organisers at a near-by pub. We publish with this brief report a few photographs from the proceedings -

Seán Ó Sé in Glasnevin Cemetery , Dublin , 1st January 2011.

Andy and Seán , Cumann na mBan , Na Fianna Éireann and an RSF Colour Party.

A section of the crowd.

Irish Republican flags on display in Glasnevin Cemetery.

Cumann na mBan in Glasnevin Cemetery , 1st January 2011.

Laying the Wreath.

Finally , a full report , with other pics , will be published in the January 2011 edition of 'Saoirse' , which will be published on Wednesday 12th January next (and not Wednesday 5th , as mentioned elsewhere) - thanks for reading!