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Saturday, July 30, 2011


In 1871 in Ireland , as evictions were being carried-out on a large scale , the British Parliament in Westminster realised that, as ever, there were still armed groups in Ireland that were not prepared to accept the genocidal diktat from the British as to how or, indeed, whether , they should live or die : amongst the measures employed by the British to destroy the Irish Rebels was the 'Westmeath Act' , which became 'law' in that year (1871)and which encouraged "....the arrest and detention without trial of persons reasonably suspected of membership in a secret society....."
Into this turmoil , a child was born to the Smyth family in Longford - a son , Patrick , who grew-up to be a good 'loyal subject of the crown' and , as such, wanted to 'serve queen and country' : he joined the 'Dublin Metropolitan Police' (seen here trying to drive striking workers off the streets of Dublin during the '1913 Lockout') and rose to the rank of 'Detective Sergeant' , and was known to viciously detest Irish Rebels of any class , creed or gender : he took particular delight in harassing Irish Republicans and , following the 1916 Easter Rising - which he appeared to have taken as a personal slight - he 'upped the ante' regarding his outright hatred of all things 'anti British' to the extent that he was warned by Irish Republicans to cease his activities against them - but he refused to do so.
On this day 92 years ago - 30th July 1919 - Detective Sergeant Patrick Smyth , having spent the day and evening 'serving queen and country' , returned to his home , alive, for the last time.......

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