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Sunday, February 12, 2012


The monthly raffle that was held in a friendly hotel today was , as expected, a roaring (!) success , with all available tickets sold-out within the first twenty minutes of our arrival on the premises : Pat , the Manager , and Anne and Tommy , the staff that were on-hand with us (and who tried their best to maintain order lol!) asked me to publish the results on the blog , as they want to display same on their big screen TV's in the bar and both lounges : Pat and Tommie insisted that I include a pic of myself , as well, but sure I'm far too shy to do that..... ;-) !

Anyway , to business : congrats to Derry , ticket number 578 , who won the €200 first prize , having been sold the ticket by our Anto (who was
DELIGHTED that he sold it.....!) , as was Mick , who sold the ticket that won the second prize (€100 - ticket number 276) to the winner of same , Ken. A lovely young colleen from Waterford , Shiela , and her friend , Eileen (also from Waterford) , who were in the hotel for a bite to eat (having broken many a heart in Dublin !) won 3rd and 4th prize respectively with ticket numbers 367 and 34 (€40 and €20 - but that wasn't the real reason the boys were cheering !) and , actually, two of those cheering boys - Tom and Joe - shared "a twenty-spot..." between them , when they won 5th prize with ticket number 711.
Bobby won prize number 6 (€20) , with ticket number 164 , which he bought from the mysterious 'Mr H' and , believe it or not , an RSF member from Kells in County Meath (whom we suspect was with Shiela and Eileen or , at least , was trying his best to be!) won the second-last prize of €20 with ticket number 683 and the last prize , €20, was won by Martin with ticket number 425 , and he was sold that ticket by our resident ticket-seller , Gavin.

It was yet again a very busy , active , noisey and financially beneficial event for the Movement , and the 'Raffle Crew' are to be praised for the professional manner in which they conduct the raffle , and themselves , each month. They are a credit to the organisation ! And finally - FAO Pat and Tommy : when our resident ticket-seller , Gav, confirms to me that this blog post is on display on your big screen TV's , I'll send the pic you asked for.....maybe....... ;-) !


....a quick word here on finances of another sort : the fact that the corrupt politicians in Leinster House and their business buddies in the property and banking sectors have busted this State wide open and surrendered themselves and , by default, the rest of us, to the sharks in Brussels and the IMF : said sharks have ordered their employees in Kildare Street to issue new income-tax forms , a pic of which we publish with this post -

- As those clowns in Leinster House would say : "Be a true Patriot , and fill it out for us...."
Perhaps they , too, should organise a monthly raffle - but that would be too much like hard work for them.....
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