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RSF paper-seller at the Dublin rally on Wednesday 29th February 2012.

At 11.30am on Wednesday last , February 29th 2012 , Republican Sinn Féin members and supporters began to gather at the Spire , in O'Connell Street , Dublin , to take part in the protest against the Septic Tank tax , which was assembling there prior to marching to Leinster House , in Kildare Street.

In preparation for the day , RSF Head Office had prepared 500 'leaflet packs' (each 'pack' containing four leaflets) for distribution at the protest and , had there been twice as many available , they would have been distributed as well - we ran short of leaflets and had to stop distributing them in O'Connell Street in order to ensure that we had at least 150 'packs' to distribute outside Leinster House !

In total , RSF distributed 2,000 leaflets on the day.

We publish with this post a few pics from the event , and a video re same and more pics can be seen on this 'Facebook' page : RSF are to be congratulated for taking part in this event and for being as well-organised as they were - dozens of new people were reached as a result , new contacts were made and are already being followed up and they showed , by their very vocal presence , that they are totally opposed to new taxes , whether imposed in large city areas or rural townlands. It was five hours well spent , in great company , and for a good cause ; well done to all who took part !

One of the RSF banners on display in O'Connell Street , Dublin.

Screwed-up Free State tax system.

The two RSF banners at the Spire.

There were two particularly noticable political speeches delivered at this protest : the first one , in O'Connell Street , came from ex-Fianna Fáil Leinster House member (now a so-called 'Independent' representative!) Mattie McGrath , from Tipperary - himself and four supporters that were with him were confronted , verbally , by a few people who were present to take part in the protest and questioned as to what he was doing on the street , as it is his type (ie rich career politicians) that are attempting to implement these new taxes. And those people were right to do so - but Mattie took offence at being questioned in that manner and , in between screeching remarks in reply ('Ah sure what would ya know about it sure you're a Dubliner...') he gave the impression that he was going to physically lash out at one man in particular , but his own supporters then stood in between him and the people asking him the 'awkward' questions , bringing the 'discussion' to an end.
The second political speech , which received loud applause from the crowd , was delivered from the Speakers Platform near the Leinster House gates : it was delivered by RSF Councillor Tomás Ó Curraoin who is , politically and morally , more than 'just a few streets' removed from the previous 'speaker'. A video of the second speech can be viewed here.

Three of the RSF protesters at the Dublin event.

Not even our waters....

Joan Burton take heed !

At the gates of Leinster House.

Kenny and Gilmore - two of the many 'asses' in that one house....

Clash of the Banners !
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