Sunday, September 09, 2012



Rev J A H Irwin.

...just a quick note re an interesting discussion which will be held at 8pm on Monday 10th September 2012 at the Lucan Festival , County Dublin , just up the road from '1169 Towers' !

Friends of ours in the vicinity contacted us today and asked for a wee plug , knowing well that it's a subject that would be of interest to us. Rev. Irwin had an interesting life , some of which will be highlighted during the discussion (" 1920 Dr Irwin, unknown to his congregation at first, travelled secretly to New York in order to undertake a speaking tour of the USA with Éamon de Valera, President of the First Dáil. Irwin remained a supporter of Sinn Féin and a friend of de Valera until the Minister's death in 1954....[more here]...") . The talk will be delivered by Dr Eamonn Phoenix and it's an event which we on this blog would ordinarily attend but this time we won't be able to make it : at that same time on that Monday night we will be at least one hour into the monthly post mortem into the 'Second Sunday Raffle' , which was held today (Sunday 9th). The 'post mortem' is held to give a voice to the organisers , the 'Raffle Crew' and our customers , as a means of improving the event , if need be , and is too important to miss. So Sorry , Mattie , Louise and Mark , in Lucan - we won't be able to make it (as explained in our 'phone conversation) but we are more than happy to give ye a plug!

And we will have a raffle report ready for the blog before or on Wednesday , in the course of which we will mention the 'four tribes that went to war...' !

Thanks for reading, Sharon.