Monday, November 19, 2012


Not to make light of the actual subject matter (...but just to have a wee bit of craic with this 'teaser' for same!) on Wednesday 21st November next we will be posting about an ex-IRA gunman , who was so highly thought off by the Republican leadership that he was one of an elite team that were hand-picked to take part in one of the most famous operations to date , during which he was captured by the British , court martialed, sentenced to hang and held at Kilmainham Jail ,Dublin, from which he escaped with other high-profile Irish Republicans. However, after he became a 'poacher-turned-gamekeeper' , he lost the plot over a pound of tomatoes and became such a liability to his new Free State 'friends' that they wanted rid of him and put a price on his head , using some of the funds that were to go to the State 'Secret Service' to solve their problem. But the man confounded his enemies , old and new, and lived to see his 77th year in 1976....(MORE ON WEDNESDAY 21ST NOVEMBER 2012).

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