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Monday, December 17, 2012



Just another small State politician on a big salary.

In his recently delivered 'Christmas Address to The Irish Nation' (sic - not all the voters in this Nation were allowed a vote ie those in our six north-eastern counties) , the latest Free State 'President' delivered an insipid speech that either of 'The Two Marys' could have deposited on us at any time during their career-making stay in the big house at the taxpayers expense.

"As our economy has contracted in recent times, many people are feeling the consequences, in terms of employment or income...." ....and your right there , Michael , and your right - but best not to mention that the recent State budget, supported and implemented by your own Party , 'Labour' , is just as responsible for those "consequences" as much as any other State party.

" However, our economic condition does not, on its own, define who we are. We are, for example, a country with a network of communities, that are increasingly active in responding to their own, and their societies, difficulties....." ...those "communities" are broke , busted and disillusioned from having to try and cope with "difficulties" forced on them by those at the top, who pay themselves up to €5208 a week and are not broke or suffering difficulties. But it's hard to see all that when your view from a big house is blocked by State-funded rose gardens.

"We also have the resource of our scattered people around the world, who support each other, and who value their connection with their homeland...."...leaving aside, of course , the fact that it is those , like yourself , Mr Higgins, that, due to your incompetence, forced those people to 'scatter' in the first place.

"At this time especially, those of us who are fortunate enough to have a joyous Christmas should be mindful of the need to reach out to others who – due to loss, emigration, illness or financial circumstances are going through a difficult time..."......again - the 'difficult times' are a direct result of State mis-management by those Office holders who, like the Speaker, see no shame in giving an 'austerity?-take-it-on-the-chin'-type speech whilst paying themselves up to five grand a week for doing so.

Not boasting here, but we did say it would turn out like this !

Thanks for reading, Sharon.