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Sunday, March 17, 2013



....as opposed to 'IN DEFENCE OF THE REPUBLIC'.

In a (guarded) welcome break from the trashy 'Tallafornia'-type nonsense that it has become known for (it's nickname 'BabySky' is well earned) , TV3 is airing the first in a two-part programme dealing with one aspect of the Irish Civil War period - the executions of those that actively worked against the Irish Republic. This installment will be broadcast at 9pm on Monday 18th March 2013, under the title 'In the name of the Republic', and that, perhaps, is the first warning bell : it is, in my opinion, a 'loaded' title , in much the same manner as to have called it 'In defence of the Republic' would have annoyed the Free Staters amongst us.

Part of the 'promo' for the series refers to "...the dark side of Irish Republicanism..." with nary a mention of "the dark side" of other organisations that were involved or why it was that those trying to defend the Republic had to resort to the same "dark side" that was employed by the forces attempting to destroy them and the Republic. 'In the name of the Republic' rather than 'In the name of the Treaty' - ie why does it appear that this programme is determined to focus on the violence of those who acted in defence of the Republic and of themselves rather than the violence of the pro-British/anti-republican forces who set out to destroy them and that Republic ?

I would expect the usual anti-republican 'spin' from this two-parter and have no reason to suspect otherwise , but I'll watch it anyway , if only to listen to its theme music - that seems like it will be its only saving grace.

Thanks for reading, Sharon.