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From 'The Daily Star' newspaper , December 2012 : he was right then and he's still right, unfortunately.

"There’s no doubt they have us where they want us. We seem to have become a nation of docile, obedient shit-takers with a few exceptions the same galoots are in the driving seat, the banking elite have become, if anything, even more arrogant, the PAYE workers,the poor, the elderly, the infirm, the special needs, these are the ones paying for the sins of the greedy…for the laissez faire attitude of Bertie Ahern and his Government,the Ray (Dublin Bay) Burkes,the Pee Flynns and Ray McSharry’s and their team of lickers, the Brian Cowans, Mary Hanaffins, Mary Coughlans, Mary Harneys most of them, and many others, gone out to (the very long) grass with awesome pensions.

The Johnny Ronans, Bernard McNamara’s,Tom McFeeleys, and their numerous counterparts are still lingering at the trough.The nameless Banker Tycoons who fed these monsters endless millions to chase sick fantasies, to fuel helicopters and Maybachs, champagne swilling lifestyles, endless acquisitive ego-boosting and criminal behaviours....all these lauded by the same Bertie who suggested that those who tried to call a halt, would be better of committing suicide....what a dirty slur that was. What sort of a (repeatedly elected) leader cur would utter such a crass and low exortation to his electorate from the a time when thousands of families were suffering the pain of such loss and deprivation...they seem to have us where they want us alright...supine on the couches of the nation, hypnotised by Football, X Factor and Downton Abbey. We are back again at the same spot...countless thousands pay the price..."
(From here.)

Christy Moore has had it 'sussed' for decades now - most of the people in this State have no limits when it comes to the amount of financial abuse they will take from the political class in Leinster House and/or local councils in relation to how and when etc they must pay new taxes (bin , household , property, water) even though those services are supposedly paid for already by taxes stopped from wages when you earn money, so-called 'Value Added' taxes when you purchase items and 'Deposit Interest Retention' taxes when/if you save some of your income.

The wealthy politicians that use or change State law to impose these restrictive , unjust and double taxes have cheapened a political format in this corrupt State that wasn't worth tuppence to begin with but , to give credit where it's due , they know their 'market' : most of the people in this morally and financially bankrupt State are apparently infected with what appears to me to be a strain of self-loathing and/or an inferiority complex whereby they believe they are powerless to challenge the system and effect change. Until that attitude changes , those that have not yet challenged both the system and those that operate the system can expect to be 'rewarded' by more new taxes and/or an increase in the present taxes , while those of us that are challenging the corruption in this State will continue to be misrepresented by the State , its agents and its supporters as 'troublemakers/dissidents/layabouts'.

If you haven't already done so , you can join or support the 'troublemakers/dissidents/layabouts' as we campaign to (re)introduce common-sense into the political sphere in this whole country or you can continue to allow yourself the easier option - to be temporarily distracted by " , X Factor and Downton Abbey.." . Incidentally , I have no interest in football (as readers of my raffle reports know!) and attempted (but failed) to sit through one episode each of X Factor , Downton Abbey and assorted other belly-fluff television , only to remove myself from the TV room , puzzled as to why anybody would choose to watch pretend drama when there is more than enough actual drama in the real world to keep us occupied ?

Finally , on a related note, we are working on a story at the moment
(which we will have ready for our usual Wednesday night post, if not sooner) in connection with the real poverty experienced by those who , in fear, pay all that is demanded of them at the expense of actually feeding themselves and their families. Our story will relate what happened within hours of a local supermarket having to dispose of huge amounts of foodstuffs after an in-store incident....

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'THERE WILL BE ANOTHER DAY.....' By Peadar O'Donnell ; first published in January 1963.

I was, therefore, all the more taken aback to get word, by telephone, that Black James Duirnin and Widow Biddy Doherty were in Sligo Jail - I was assured they were not imprisoned for obstructing the bailiff, but for debt.

I have always regretted I was not in court when Black James was asked if it was need exposed him to so great a hardship as jail at his age - he was over seventy at the time - or was he influenced in any way by politics. Duirnin was always slow to find words , but you felt that his delay was forced on him by the care he took to sort out his thoughts before he spoke. This time he was even slower than usual , and his neighbours waited in a tense silence.

He said he thought politics entered into it : all this began, he explained, a good few years back , on a Sunday, it was, and in the parochial hall. He minded the day fine. There were a number of young men in a line and they raised their hands and took an oath , but he himself took no oath for he was too old, although he was then of the same mind as those men. A resolution was put before the people that day, disowning rent, and he said his word on it and he put his hand up for it. "Some of the men who took an oath that day didn't abide by their oath, but my hand is up yet" , he said. (MORE LATER).



From 'IRIS' magazine, Easter 1991.

By Martin Spain.

Historians have a duty to be honest about where they themselves are coming from when promoting a historical interpretation ; the cardinal sin committed by the revisionists is in imposing their values on historical events. Their version of history promotes Britain as an innocent party , if sometimes clumsily arbitrary in its actions, while the militant republicanism through which the freedom of the 26-County state was achieved is put forward as the root of the 'Troubles' in the Six Counties today, which, of course, are entirely the fault of the PIRA and (P) Sinn Féin.

The history of republican endurance and sacrifice is derided as the actions of the fanatical few, not content to accept their situation but constantly harking back to the old enemy, Britain , as the source of all Ireland's ills.

The very people who were lauded as revolutionary leaders in 1966 during the state-sponsored 50th anniversary celebrations of the Rising are now dismissed as 'men of violence'. But why has there been such a revisionist push in Ireland ? To answer my own question, the reason there is such fertile ground for revisionist theorising and rewriting of Irish history * is precisely because of the horror felt by most Irish people about the present situation in this country.

(* Re 'rewriting of Irish history' : good example here!)(MORE LATER).

24TH APRIL 1916.

1916 Easter Rising , Ireland.

Too long a sacrifice
Can make a stone of the heart.
O when may it suffice?
That is Heaven's part, our part
To murmer name upon name,
As a mother names her child
When sleep at last has come
On limbs that had run wild.
What is it but nightfall?
No, no, not night but death;
Was it needless death after all?
For England may keep faith
For all that is done and said.
We know their dream; enough
To know they dreamed and are dead;
And what if excess of love
Bewildered them till they died?
I write it out in a verse-
MacDonagh and MacBride
And Connolly and Pearse
Now and in time to be,
Wherever green is worn,
Are changed, changed utterly:
A terrible beauty is born.
(From here.)

The 97th Anniversary of the Easter Rising was commemorated in Dublin and throughout the country, and abroad, by the Republican Movement on Easter weekend last , 30th March - 1st April 2013 , where a pledge was given that the 'job of work' that was started then will continue until completed. A history of those events , 97 years ago, can be read here.


Martin Corey , political hostage.

'Martin Corey is a Republican from Lurgan, Co. Armagh. He was sentenced to Life Imprisonment in December 1973. At that time he was only 19 years old. He was to spend the next 19 years of his life in jail until he was finally released without signing anything in June 1992.

WITHOUT WARNING : on April 16th 2010 he was taken back into custody....

NO REASON : was given to Martin at the time or since his return to jail....'
(More here.)

The CABHAIR Committee that organise the 'Annual Testimonial Dinner and Republican Reunion' are to be congratulated for including Martin Corey as the 'Ulster Honoree' this year : had this injustice occurred in any other country , groups such as 'Amnesty Ireland' would be amongst the loudest in their condemnation of same but , because that particular organisation (along with many other pro-establishment 'human rights groups') consider the Six County debate to be 'settled' , they 'play safe' and ignore it. Hopefully , this CABHAIR initiative will help to publicise Martin's case.


The Republican Movement will commemorate Wolfe Tone on Sunday , 16th June 2013.

At 2.30pm in Sallins , County Kildare , on Sunday 16th June 2013 , the Republican Movement will be represented at the grave of Wolfe Tone , to pay its respect to its 'Founding Father'.

Incidentally , the claim that Tone "committed suicide" is not by any means a 'given' , and is challenged here (see 'Murder Most Foul' , Wednesday, March 09, 2005) and, as Irish republicans can verify , the British administration are capable of anything when it comes to anti-republican propaganda.

1,350 (=350) FOR THE 22 ON 4 5 13.... here for more details!


British 'Sir' Fredrick Hamilton , an 'adventurer' let loose in Ireland.

Hamilton was a (Scottish/)British 'nobleman' who was 'given' Irish land during the Plantation of Leitrim in 1620 and, accompanied by his wife, they 'moved in' and almost immediately began to covet their neighbours land. His military 'adventures' took him to Germany and, at one point, he sued the Swedish administration for financial compensation after they disbanded the cut-throat mercenaries he had gathered around him!

He attempted to increase his fortune in Derry in 1643 by becoming Governor of that fine City (a position then held by his father-in-law and which he thought he should be entitled to!) and, to further prove his 'loyality' , joined the 'Covenanter Movement' in the hope that in doing so he would be better placed to receive 'favours' from the political establishment of the day. Whether he was recognised for the sleiveen he was or for some other reason, his new 'friends' decided they would be better off , politically, without getting too close to him and they placed him as a commander in Scotland of one of their regiments , from which duties he was discharged in 1647 , the same year that he died , practically penniless.

So proud was he of his military derring-dos in Ireland , he kept a diary which can be referenced to this day , and included in which are the following gems : ".... hurt drivers, killed three, brought home their heads to our Collonel, with a lusty prisoner who was hanged next day.....killed about 30 in 3 cabbins, and hanged our guide, who died a most obdurate villain....marched towards the Rosse, where we killed 60 of their ablest men with 2 of their famous priests.....sent a party of horse and foot upon them, where we had good sport in killing near 60 of them - with all three Captains, and Captain Teige O' Connor's wife.....burned and killed in the houses upwards of three score persons....took prisoner Charles Maguire after breaking his leg; to cure him had him carried on a barrow to the gallows, where he rayled at us for not getting a souldier's death after having served in France and burning the Toune of Sligo where it confest by themselves was destroyed that night neere 300 soules by fire, sword, and drowning: to God's Everlasting Great Honour and Glory, and our Comfort...."

This man Hamilton was not by any means the first foreign gobshite to involve himself , militarily and/or politically, in Ireland , and most likely won't be the last. But they , too, will end up like Hamilton - leaving a dark stain on the history of their family name. And we Irish have long memories.

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