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Thursday, January 02, 2014



As with our swim report, we'll just give a quick mention of the weather on the day which, again, as with the Cabhair Swim (or any outdoor event) , is a vital element : it started raining heavily in Dublin on the morning of New Years Day at about 8am , it eased off at around 12 noon , stopped altogether at about 12.30pm and , despite a dark and threatening sky, somehow managed to stay dry for the following two hours, which was more than enough time to allow us, in some comfort (dry but very cold!) , to hold our commemoration for Dáithi Ó Conaill.

Approximately fifty people (and five 'Special Branch/Political Police' members) observed proceedings as the RSF Colour Party and Na Fianna Éireann members formed-up just inside the gates of Glasnevin Cemetery and , having taken up positions behind the uniformed republicans, the parade marched the short distance to the Republican Plot. The commemoration was Chaired by Andy Connolly , who welcomed all to the commemoration , and outlined how he and Dáithí had practically "grown up together in the republican family" , and highlighted various events and issues that Dáithí was involved in during his 36 years in the Movement.

As per a request from the Ó Conaill family , a Decade of the Rosary was recited by Padraig Ennis , following which the Chairperson asked Seán Ó Sé to play a Lament for the Dead on the tin whistle. A wreath from the Republican Movement was laid in the republican plot by Matt Conway and the oration was delivered by life-long republican and Cumann na mBan veteran , Peig King , Dublin, who gave a detailed account of Dáithí's early years in the Movement and outlined the many instances when their paths crossed , in Dublin and Donegal and all points in between. A full report on this commemoration will be published in the January 2014 issue of 'Saoirse' , which goes to print on Wednesday 8th of this month. We post with this brief report a few pics taken at the commemoration, more of which can be viewed in 'Saoirse'.

Andy Connolly , Chairperson.

Peig King , giving the oration.

Andy and Peig.

Séan Ó Sé, playing the Lament for the Dead.

Paddy Ennis , saying a Decade of the Rosary.

Matt Conway , laying the wreath on behalf of the Republican Movement.

RSF Colour Party and NFÉ.

The National Anthem and the lowering of the flags, bringing proceedings to a close.

Finally , a reminder that the annual Seán Sabhat Commemoration will be held this coming Sunday , 5th January, in Mount St Lawrence Cemetery in Limerick ; those attending are asked to assemble at the Horse and Hound Pub in Mulgrave Street at 1pm, and all genuine republicans are welcome!

Thanks for reading, Sharon.