Monday, September 07, 2015



If such a republican meeting was held today in that venue, the 'G-Men' and 'shadows' would have found it even easier to spy and tout on republicans as representatives of British rule in Ireland now have two offices in that location.... "There are three of us in the car, two of my comrades and myself. Suddenly at a crossing we realise that the secret police are waiting for us. There is no time to reverse, we have only two choices - to stop and die in a hail of bullets or to try and break out of the encirclement and save our lives. We don't hesitate.The roadblock consists of about 30 vehicles. We have to try and break through. Each of us knows exactly what to do. Our driver accelerates and we drive through and manage to leave them behind....about a mile down the road the comrade sitting next to me is mortally wounded, and almost immediately afterwards bullets enter my stomach...."

Ireland, 1919 : pro-British paramilitaries wreck an Irish town because of a lack of informers...../ Ireland, 1920 : the IRA Volunteer was staying at a house in the docks area and was active in the on-going fight against the Black and Tans - an RIC Sergeant tortured him to death and then organised the murder of the priest that attended to the dying IRA man....

See 1169 blog, Wednesday, 9th September 2015.

Thanks for reading, Sharon.