Saturday, December 26, 2015



The four Cabhair swimmers who, like the rest of us, got soaked making their way to the 3rd Lock of the Grand Canal in Dublin, on Christmas Day 2015, only to get soaked again!

'How heavy fell the rain that day

From burdened clouds of mournful grey....

My skin wrung wet with icy chill

As mud embraced that sodden hill...'
(from here.)

Those of us who managed to make it to the Cabhair Swim in Inchicore, Dublin, on Christmas Day last (continuous heavy rain in Dublin had caused flooding) were informed by one of the 'Christmas Crew', John Horan, Dublin - during his 'Speech from The Lock' - that two of the swimmers, who were travelling in the same car to the site had apologised for their absence as they had been caught in a small flood which had disabled the vehicle. And, really, it was a wonder that any of us got there at all, as the incessant rain had caused havoc in parts of Dublin since Christmas Eve.

And that also explained the smaller-than-usual turnout, as those who didn't have to venture outdoors weren't going to do so, understandably, as it would have been unwise to take children out on such a vicious day. But those of us who were there enjoyed ourselves as much as we could, with the usual offerings available - a good few cans of different beers, something stronger (thanks, Bernard!) , mince pies, lemonade, crisps, sweets, Christmas crackers etc, most of which had to be distributed from the boot of a car as it was too wet to set-up the usual tables and music system. Four swimmers managed to get there, and each of them earned their keep - two of them swam from lock to lock, twice, and the other two swam two widths each. Apart from the weather and the two absent swimmers, the only other set-back was supplied by the State, rather than nature - three car loads of Special Branch and the contents of one Garda squad car competed with the mini-storm in an attempt to keep this Cabhair event from going ahead, but couldn't do so. As John said, during his speech, next year will mark the 40th such Swim and, come more State 'hell' or High Water from nature, it will be held!

These are a few pics from the event, with more here ('Facebook' link) and a proper report will be published in the January 2016 issue of 'Saoirse', which goes to print on Wednesday, 13th of that month :

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